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Ilya Bulychev
Location : California , United States
Member Since: September 04, 2018
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Why me? I've spent 10 full years working for various Online Marketing companies, doing everything from SEO to Advanced PPC and quit my last 6 figure job at one of the biggest and well-known marketing firms in Los Angeles for one simple reason - Client Satisfaction. Trust me when I tell you that every big marketing company in the U.S. cares about you up until you pay a few thousand dollars in set up fees. After that they move on and sell to another guy and the best thing you might get is 2-3 hours per month of mediocre campaign management. I quit and started working with my own clients as a freelancer, it's just me and my wife working from home and we can dedicate at least 3-5 hours per week to manage and optimize all of your paid campaigns. We are always available to answer any questions, talk on the phone or Skype, screen share or send progress reports. We will be working with you on every aspect of your campaigns, 'cause we never outsource any of our work.

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I'll consider any AdWords or PPC related project from any client.

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